We are thrilled to announce multiple wins for our Gouda cheese at the 2024 World Championship Cheese Contest. Held biennially and organized by Wisconsin Cheese Makers Association since 1957, this year's contest featured an impressive array of entries, with over 3,302 products from 25 countries and 32 U.S. states. Dairy manufacturers from the Netherlands took home 11 first-place wins. Artikaas is exclusively imported by Dutch Cheese Makers, the daughter company of Royal A-ware in the Netherlands.

Artikaas WCCC 2024

Among the winners from Artikaas was Vintage Lot 18, an 18-month-old Gouda, which was chosen as the first runner-up with a score of 98.923. This crowns Vintage Lot 18 as the second-best cheese in the world! Not only did Vintage Lot 18 make this achievement, but it also took the Best of Class title in the category of Gouda, Extra Aged (over 10 months). This feat marks a continued legacy of excellence for Vintage Lot 18, which previously earned Second Place for the same category in the 2020 World Cheese Championship. Meticulously aged in the Netherlands, this cheese has a firm texture with some crystallization, a deep ochre interior, and notes of toasted walnuts and brown butter. It is available in 22lb wheels and 6oz cuts.

Youngsters Goat Gouda, aged for 4-6 weeks from Artikaas’ 16-item young cheese line, claimed Second Place in the category of Hard Goat's Milk Cheese with an impressive score of 99.1. This cheese has a delicate tang with a firm yet smooth texture. It is available in 10 lb wheels and 6 oz cuts.

Dutch Cheese Makers’ expertise in the category of Pasteurized Process Cheese Product was duly acknowledged, with Artikaas Smoked Gouda securing the Best of Class title, with a high score of 99.56. Additionally, Artikaas Smoked Goat Gouda garnered Third Place, with a score of 99.31. Artikaas’ smoked Gouda cheeses are naturally smoked over beechwood with a smooth, creamy texture. They are available in 6lb logs, 6oz cuts, and slices. 

"We are incredibly honored for our awards at the 2024 World Cheese Championship," said Steve Margarites, CEO of Dutch Cheese Makers. "I want to give a tremendous thank you to our team at Royal A-ware in Holland, who are extremely dedicated and passionate about crafting the best Dutch cheese." 

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