Artikaas Smoked Gouda World Cheese Championship

Smoked Gouda

Everyone loves a classic Dutch Smoked Gouda. And this one is the real deal, made according to artisan methods handed down through generations. Smooth and creamy, infused with a subtle smokiness, you’ll always crave just one more bite.

Flavor profile:

4-6 week aged, smoky, buttery, creamy

Use for:

snacking, cheese board, melting, shredding, slicing

Perfect pairing:

full-bodied ale


2024 World Cheese Championship

The World Championship Cheese Contest® is the world’s premier technical cheese, butter, and yogurt competition. Out of 3,302 entries around the globe across all categories, Smoked Gouda took Best in Class (First Place) in Category: Pasteurized Process Cheese Product.