For those of you unfamiliar with Curdbox, let us introduce the two of you!

Curdbox is a monthly cheese + pairing subscription service that allows you to explore new flavor dimensions and products! This month, their team of skilled tasters and testers curated a "Going Nuts" box that features three different nutty cheeses and three different pairings to go along with those cheeses.

One of those cheeses being our coveted 36-Month aged Gouda!
Check out what they had to say about it below:

"Next we have another model cheese in its class: the 36-month Gouda by Artikaas. The Artikaas line of authentic Dutch Goudas has six generations of family farming and cheesemaking behind it, and was born from a merger between an old cheesemaking family and an old cheese aging and cheese selling family–a match made in heaven!

If you're having a nut-themed cheese board, you absolutely have to have an aged gouda in there, because they're basically the poster child for nuttiness. The older they are, the nuttier they get (sort of like people, too), and this one is aged three years! That's that's not old for a person, it's definitely a mature specimen for a cheese. This deeply golden wedge is basically the epitome of an aged gouda, with a firm and flaky texture that has the added contrast of little tyrosine crystals lining the hollows scattered throughout. The flavor is like a savory concentrate of nuts, butterscotch, and salt."

Now for the pairing magic!
To go along with this special nutty gouda, Team Curdbox found Guava Paste with Pecans by The Casa Market

"The Casa Market, a company that partners with small-scale farms in Mexico in order to import Mexican vanilla and guava products. This guava paste, from Calvillo, Mexico, is an absolute treat: floral, aromatic, and tropical, the paste is solid but not stiff, with a beautifully yielding texture that blends seamlessly which our nutty cheeses. The added pecans scattered throughout, are an added bonus, giving textural contrast and another depth of sweet nutty flavor."

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